EDIT:  ( 3-21-2020 ) This ride is on hold due to the COVID-19 virus and the closing of the U.S. - Ontario border. 

I am hopeful the border will re-open before July 15th, and the ride will be run !!


2020  Big Great Lakes 100 - 2,755 miles around all 5 Great Lakes

Meet Wednesday, July 15th @ 10:30 am (EST) at Gallop's Marathon Gas Station

just north of the Middlebury, IN Indiana Tollroad exit or at another location along the route. 

You may start your ride anywhere along the entire route. 

But you must end your ride at your starting location in < 100 hours

and all 5 Great Lakes must lie inside your route.

If 8 or more Riders do the ride,  I can handle your paperwork and submit your ride to the IBA as part of a "group" ride.

Please download and complete the Rider's Information Form and either mail the completed form or email me a picture of the completed form.

BTW, if you have been convicted of a felony or DUI you probably will not be allowed to enter Canada.  They check for that in the computer at the border crossing.  But ( according to a Canadian Border Service Officer I talked with, if you had a DUI conviction ( without any other crime associated with it ) and it's been at least 10 years since the conviction or probation ended, you will be allowed to enter Canada.

To enter Canada and return to the U.S.  a passport, Enhanced Driver's license, Nexus Card, or birth certificate & driver's license is required.


Rider's Information Form

Complete form & mail or email to :

Jim VanDenBerghe


6153 Division St.

Newaygo, MI  49337


Want more info about the ride ?  Goto :  IBA Great Lakes 100

BTW/FYI - This ride was previously called the Great Lakes Challenge



For more info, click on :   Middlebury, IN  to N. Syracuse via Ithaca  628 miles


DAY 1 .GPX File

For more info, click on :   N. Syracuse, NY to Kapuskasing, ON   751 miles


DAY 2 .GPX File

For more info, click on :   Kapuskasing, ON to Virginia, MN     691 miles


DAY 3 .GPX File


For more info, click on :    Virginia, MN to Middlebury, IN    686 miles


DAY 4 .GPX File