Lower Great Lakes SS1K

Saturday July 21, 2018

An IBA Pre-Approved Ride.  We do the paperwork, and you concentrate on the ride.


All makes of bikes, trikes and passengers are welcome. 

This is not a mandatory big group ride.  Ride in your own small group or do your own thing individually, or ride with the balance of the riders.


To learn more about the Iron Butt Association,   go to  :  ironbutt.com



This ride is approximately 1,022 miles

Start & End in Monroe, Michigan

Have your Passport, Michigan Enhanced Driver's License, Nexus Card, or use the Two Document Option - a Driver's License and Birth Certificate  for crossing into Canada .

See :  U.S. and Canadian Citizens—-Two Document Option )

From the Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) webpage :


   " If you are a citizen of the United States, you do not need a passport to enter Canada. However, you should carry proof of your citizenship, such as a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, as well as photo identification. " 

And a US Border and Custom's Supervisor I talked to at the  Grand Portage, MN entry point told me a U.S. Citizen will never be refused entry to the USA without a passport,  passport card, Nexus card, or Enhanced Driver's license if that citizen can prove their citizenship with a birth certificate and picture ID ( driver's license).

  Also, you should carry proof of insurance coverage in Canada ( obtain from your insurance company or agent ).  This is not a rider to your policy or extra coverage, only a card that your insurance company will provide to you.  Called a " Canada Non-Resident inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card".

Also check to find out if your medical coverage is good in Canada. 


Also be advised that you probably will be denied entry into Canada if you have been convicted of a DUI or a felony in the US.  The Canadian Border Agents check the computer at the border for convictions.


Since the route for this ride includes the New York Thruway and Ohio Turnpike, an I-Pass or EZ-Pass transponder will save you time & money.  Tolls are about half when using a transponder.  I recommend the Illinois I-Pass.  There is no monthly charge and the minimum replenish amount is now only $20.   The deposit is refundable also.   And you don't have to be resident of Illinois to get an I-Pass.  The I-Pass works anywhere east of the Mississippi except in Georgia and Florida.   See :  Illinois I-Pass



For those who are able to,  meet for dinner at the Denny's near the Pilot starting location between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm on Friday.  This will be a good opportunity to meet some of the other Riders and form small groups, if you desire to ride in a small group.

If you live closer to the route than the regular starting location in Monroe, and you would like to rather start and end the ride near your home, please contact me by telephone or email and I will try to work with you on that.


Meet & Greet at the Pilot ( I-75 Exit 15 , NOT the Pilot at Exit 18) gas station between 5:45 am and 6:10 am and form small groups if desired.

If not pre-registered, submit signed Application & Release Form either Friday at dinner or Saturday morning before departure and pay registration fee ( cash, check or money order , see below ) before the ride.

Download form here .  Please have form completed and signed before arriving at dinner Friday or Saturday before the start.

Have your odometer reading recorded before departure Saturday morning.


NOTE:  If you become tired on this ride, Do not take any chances with your life and limb !!  Stop and get some rest.   Even a one hour snooze often can make a big difference.  Remember, you have 24 hours to complete this ride.

Please remember this because when tired, your judgement may be compromised !!


Note : A full refund will be given if you cancel or do not successfully complete the ride, but based on the rides I have organized in recent years, the chance of completely this ride is over 95%.



Bikes and Riders will depart at 6:30 am and do a CW Route around Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

We will be crossing into Windsor, Canada via the Ambassador Bridge since motorcycles are not allowed in the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.


There is a thread on the ADV Riders Forum about this ride.



Obtain only FOUR Mandatory receipts at : 

1.)  Port Hope, ON    Highway 401,  Exit 464

      or   Cobourg , ON   Highway 401,  Exit 472    

2.)  Thousand Island Bridge Receipt

3.)   Syracuse Area  I-81  Exit 28

4.)  Cleveland Area ,   I-90 Exit 193 ( 24/7 gas stations located here ) 

5.)  And an Ending Receipt in Monroe ,  NLT 24 hours after your departure time .

Any receipt with an accurate date, time and location is acceptable.   Receipts do not need to be gas receipts.   



After returning to Monroe and obtaining your ending receipt, have your odometer reading recorded , and hand in your five Mandatory receipts at the Denny's ( 24/7 ) , next to the starting location.



Cost for a full package is $45 USD ( Full Package includes an IBA Certificate, SS1K license plate backer, and Lower Great Lakes SS1K  pin or patch.

Otherwise  $40 USD ( Certificate and Pin  only ). 

$0  For Passenger Certificate

$8 USD for additional pin or patch

$5 USD Additional for postage to Canada

Your application for certification by the IBA will be submitted as a group and will be expedited by the IBA.  No logs or copies of receipts, and other forms to be submitted to the IBA by you.  Just register, do the ride, and turn in the five Mandatory receipts at the end of the ride.  We do the paperwork, you do the ride.



Contact  Jim VanDenBerghe  by phone ( 231-224-6970 ) or  email  if you have any questions, etc.



You may Pre-Register :  Application & Release Form

Some possibly useful links :

Turn by Turn Directions for the Ride

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GPX file for the route

Garmin POI file for the route

CSV file for the route

Email me   if you are having problems downloading the GPX file and would like the GPX file emailed to you.


Motels in the Monroe, MI area

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