15 Riders and 1 Pillion started and finished this ride within 24 hours !! 

 7 Riders and 1 Pillion earned their IBA number by completing this ride.


Lower Great Lakes SS1K

Friday August 8, 2014

An IBA Pre-Approved Ride.  We do the paperwork, and you concentrate on the ride.


All makes of bikes and passengers are welcome. 

This is not a mandatory big group ride.  Ride in your own small group or do your own thing individually, or ride with the balance of the riders.



Start & End at the Monroe, Michigan Pilot

 ( Between Toledo & Detroit ) , I-75 exit 15 .

Pick a detailed route to ride.  The above map shows a general route.  As long as your route starts & ends at the same location and Lake Erie & Lake Ontario are inside your route, and the distance is at least 1,000 miles, the route is acceptable.  Crossing into Canada at Port Huron / Sarnia will work too, but is about 40 miles longer.

OR :  If you live closer to the route than Monroe, MI ,  you may Start and End at any location besides Monroe along the above route.  If you pick an alternative Start & End location, you must pre-register.

Note :  All IBA Great Lakes Rides require the same Start & End locations.

Have your Passport, Passport Card, Michigan Enhanced Driver's License, or Nexus Card, for crossing into Canada and returning to the US as well as Canadian proof of insurance

( Obtain directly from your insurance company or agent )



Meet & Greet at the Monroe Pilot between 5:15 am and 5:45 am

and form small groups if desired. 

If not pre-registered, submit signed Application & Release Form the morning of the ride and pay registration fee ( cash, check or money order , see below ) before the ride.

Download form here .  Please have form completed and signed before arriving at the Monroe Pilot.

Have your odometer reading recorded before departure.


Note : A full refund will be given if you cancel ( if pre-registered ) or do not successfully complete the ride.



Bikes and Riders will depart at 6:00 am and do a CCW route.  This will result in a decent time of day to travel through the Cleveland area and more importantly, the Toronto area.

 When returning to the USA, the Ambassador Bridge must be used at Windsor/Detroit since MC's are not allowed in the Detroit - Windsor Tunnel.

 Ambassador Bridge toll is $5 for MC's.

Thousand Island Bridge ( north of Watertown, NY ) toll is $2.75 .



To save time & money on this ride, Using an EZ-Pass or I-Pass transponder during the ride at toll booths will save you both time and money ( reduced toll rates ).  If you don't already have a transponder, I recommend the I-Pass from Illinois since there is no monthly service charge.  

Goto : I-Pass



 Obtain FOUR ( if you start / end at the Monroe Pilot ) or SIX Mandatory gas receipts ( if you do not start & end at the Monroe Pilot ).

 The Receipts you need to turn in at the end of the ride :

Your alternative Start location , if you don't Start & Stop at the Monroe Pilot.   Also an Ending gas receipt at your alternative start/end location.

  Pembroke Service Plaza,  on the New York State Thruway ( I-90 ) , at Milepost 397

  Watertown, NY , Off I-81

 Woodstock, ON  , 401 McDonald-Cartier Fwy , exit 232

  Monroe, MI , if you choose an alternative Start & Stop location.

An Ending gas receipt back at the Monroe Pilot  OR your alternate start/end location,  NLT 24 hours after your departure time .

NOTE : All Mandatory gas receipts MUST have a legible and accurate date & time and location. 



Then proceed to the Denny's Restaurant ( open 24/7 ) between the Monroe Pilot and I-75 and have your odometer reading recorded, and hand in your Four Mandatory gas receipts , between 1:00 am ( or after I return ) and 6:00 am , if you started at the Monroe Pilot.

If you started at an alternative location along your route, mail legible copies ( especially the date, time , and location ) of the SIX Mandatory Gas Receipts to me ASAP after the ride :

Jim VanDenBerghe

6153 Division

Newaygo, MI  49337

NOTE : All Mandatory gas receipts MUST have a legible and accurate date, time, and location.



Cost for a full package is $45 ( Full Package that includes an IBA Certificate, SS1K license plate backer, and Lower Great Lakes pin ), otherwise  $40 ( Certificate and Pin only ). 

$8 additional for a passenger - includes extra passenger certificate & pin.

Your application for certification by the IBA will be submitted as a group and will be expedited by the IBA . No logs or copies of receipts, and other forms to be submitted to the IBA by you ( unless you choose an alternate Start/Stop location ) . We do the paperwork, you do the ride.



Contact  Jim VanDenBerghe  by phone ( 231-224-6970 ) or  email ( preferred )  if you have any questions, etc.



You may Pre-Register :  Application & Release Form


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