IBR SS1K  Starting Wednesday July 5th , 2017

The IBR ends Friday at 10:00 am




Ride a SS1K to the Minneapolis area to be present at the end of the Iron Butt Rally and observe and welcome back the Riders after riding all over the country during the previous 11 days.



This is a pre-approved IBA SS1K.  You concentrate on the ride, and we do the paperwork.  

This is not a big group ride.  Ride in your own small group, do the ride solo, or ride with the balance of the Riders.   Meet up for lunch and dinner, if possible.

All Riders, passengers and makes of bikes and trikes are welcome !!

We always get a great group of Riders and all makes & models of bikes including Trikes and Spyders.  

Still looking for a Slingshot to participate.  Drive one ??

There is a thread on the ADV Riders Forum for this ride :  ADV Riders Thread



Location #1 is Morris, IL .  Riders departing 6 of the 10 starting locations will meet at the Morris TA  and then depart at 10:30 am.



The Purpose of this Ride and the Plan :

The 2017 Iron Butt Rally ends 10:00 am Friday morning July 7th , 2017 in the Minneapolis area at a hotel to be announced.  We will welcome the IBR Riders back to Minneapolis after they complete the Rally.

The plan is to do a SS1K to Faribault, MN which is just south of Minneapolis and arrive during the wee hours of Thursday morning, the day before the IBR Riders return. 

We would then have Thursday to reinvigorate before rising early on Friday morning to greet the Riders returning to the guest hotel as they start returning at about 4:00 - 5:00 am Friday morning.

IBA President Mike Kneebone will present SS1K Certificates Thursday afternoon to all the successful Riders at the guest hotel.

Riders will return home on their own.



Departure Locations

EDIT :  I now have TEN departure locations planned for this SS1K :


Riders leaving the following six locations would meet at the Travel America north of  I-80 Exit 112 in Morris, IL at about 10:00 am local time.  We will depart Morris at 10:30 am local time and arrive in Faribault at around 2:30 am local time, if the scheduled lunch and dinner stop is taken.  

  Grand Rapids and Marshall, MI

 Auburn, IN and the Indianapolis, IN area

 Milwaukee, WI

Hamel, IL , just northeast of St. Louis


A lunch stop will be scheduled in Eldridge, IA .  We should arrive at Lynn's BBQ at about 12:30 pm for lunch.  Lynn's BBQ is about 4 miles north of I-80 and the Quad Cities, on the west side of US-61  and south of exit 127.  ( N41.65285 / W90.56935 )

Riders departing from the other four departure locations will meet the Riders from the above six departure locations at Lynn's BBQ  ( N41.65285 / W90.56935 ) .

A quick dinner and gas stop will be on the west side of Fort Dodge, IA , about 3 miles north of US-20 Exit 121 ( US-169 Exit ).  The dinner stop will be at the Tom Thumb Drive Inn and there are two Casey's General Stores nearby for gas.  One is near the Drive Inn and the other is a short distance away.

The Drive Inn and the nearby Casey's are close to N42.48725 / W94.20749.


Here are the additional four starting locations :

1.)  Get a starting receipt at 6:15 am in Kansas City, MO  at I-435 Exit 59 .  Get a second Mandatory Receipt at I-35 Exit 126 in Urbandale.  By leaving at 6:15 am , you should arrive at Lynn's BBQ at around 12:15 pm , after about 360 miles since departing.

2.)  Get a starting receipt at 6:15 am in Lincoln , NE at I-80 Exit 399 .  Get a second Mandatory Receipt in  West Des Moines at I-80 Exit 121.   By leaving at 6:15 am , you should arrive at Lynn's BBQ at around 12:15 pm , after about 357 miles after departing.

3.)  Get a starting receipt at 6:00 am in West Frankfort, IL ,  at I-57 Exit 65.   Get a second Mandatory Receipt anywhere in Champaign, IL .   By leaving at 6:00 am , you should arrive at Lynn's BBQ at around 12:15 pm , after about 366 miles after departing.

4.)  Get a starting receipt at 6:45 am in Lakeville, MN south of MSP ( I-35 Exit 86 ).  Get a second Mandatory Receipt at Williams, IA ( I-35  Exit 144 ).  By leaving at 6:45 am , you should arrive at Lynn's BBQ at around 12:15 pm, after about 340 miles after departing.


But this is not a big group ride.  Riders can form their own small group, ride solo, or ride with the balance of the Riders. 

But all Riders starting at one of the above ten locations must meet either in Morris or Lynn's BBQ and have their odometer reading recorded.


NOTE :  If you would like to start at a different location, send me an email with your desired starting location and I will work with you on that possibility.





Marshall, MI to Morris, IL




Auburn, IN to Morris, IL

via the ITR with an entry at I-69



Milwaukee, WI to Morris, IL via Johnson Creek and Jefferson



Hamel, IL to Morris, IL



Indianapolis to Morris via Champaign


76th Street Auto Truck Plaza to Morris

Kansas City to Eldridge - 360 miles.  Location [2] is Urbandale.

Lincoln to Eldridge - 357 miles.  Location [2] is West Des Moines.

West Frankfort, IL to Eldridge - 366 miles.   Location [2] is Champaign, IL

Lakeville, MN to Eldridge -364 miles. 

 Location [2] is Williams, IA



Departure Locations and Times for Riders meeting in Morris :

A starting receipt is required at one of the below locations.  

For Riders to meet in Morris @ 10:00 am local time, Riders would need to get a starting receipt and then depart at :

 1. )  Grand Rapids area - 76th Street Auto Truck Plaza west of US-31 Exit 75  @ 8:00 am local time.

 2.)  Marshall, MI - Shell station just 1 block east of I-69 Exit 36 @ 7:45 am local time.

3.)  Auburn, IN -  Speedway station east of I-69 Exit 329 @ 7:45 am local time.  

A receipt showing an entrance to the ITR at I-69 is required for those starting in Auburn ( to prove > 1,000 miles )

4.)  Milwaukee, WI  -  Mobil station , I-43 Exit 82B @ 6:45 am local time.  

Also a second receipt is required at Johnson Creek I-94 Exit 267 for those starting  in Milwaukee ( to prove > 1,000 miles )

 5.)  Hamel, IL - I-55 Exit 30 at Love's Travel Stop @ 6:45 am local time.

6.)  Indianapolis Area - At the Kroger Fuel Center, or the Speedway Super Center both near N39.799223 / W86.261620 , east of I-465 on Crawfordsville Road @ 7:15 am local time. 

A second receipt in Champaign is required for those starting in Indianapolis  ( to prove > 1,000 miles ).


 Riders shall get a starting ADTL ( accurate date, time, and location ) receipt at their starting location and at all other Mandatory locations.  Those starting from Milwaukee also need a Mandatory receipt at Johnson Creek.  Those starting from Indianapolis also need a Mandatory receipt at Champaign.

All Riders must get their odometer reading recorded at Morris, IL  or at Lynn's BBQ in Eldridge and at Faribault at the end of the ride by the ride organizer.


Departure time at Morris, IL will be 10:30 am  

We will depart Morris and then ride to Lynn's BBQ and meet the balance of the Riders.


Pre-Registration is required to give the IBA adequate lead time to print the certificates.  I need to receive your application by June 26th.  Please contact me by email, otherwise.

Application & Release Form

Important :  Please write your departure location on your Application & Release Form .



These are the other Required ( ADTL ) Mandatory Receipts :


In addition to the starting receipt , 6 or 7 ( for Milwaukee, Auburn, and Indianapolis departees ) Mandatory receipts are required to be turned in at the end of the ride in Faribault:

 1.)  Peosta, IA    On US-20 , 10 miles west of Dubuque

 2.)  The west side of Fort Dodge , IA  US-20 , Exit 121 ( US-169 ) . Casey's General Store next to our dinner stop has gas, as well as another nearby Casey's.

 3.)  Sioux City, IA  -  Receipt must be from Sioux City.

4.) Sioux Falls, SD  Loves Travel Stop  I-90 Exit 399

5.)  Albert Lea, MN .  I-35 Exit 11 ( this exit is south of I-90 )

 6.)  Ending Receipt in Faribault at the Kwik Trip I-35 Exit 55 ( 24 / 7 ) - location [12] in the below map.

 7.) For Riders starting in Milwaukee,  an additional receipt from Johnson Creek .

For Riders starting in Auburn,  an additional receipt showing entrance to the ITR at I-69.

For Riders starting in the Indianapolis area ( I-74 & I-465 junction ) , an additional receipt in Champaign.

For Riders starting in Kansas City, an additional receipt in Urbandale - I-35 Exit 126 .

For Riders starting in Lincoln, an additional receipt in West Des Moines - I-80 Exit 121 .

For Riders starting in West Frankfort, an additional receipt anywhere in Champaign .

For Riders starting in Lakeville, an additional receipt in Williams - I-35 Exit 144 .


Have your ending odometer reading recorded and turn in all the Mandatory  Receipts ( including your starting receipt ) at the Grand Stay Hotel located about 1.5 miles north of the Kwik Stop - location [13] in the below map.



   $35      A certificate only is available for this ride.   If this will be your first IBA ride, then after being assigned an IBA number after the ride,  you may purchase online an IBA license plate holder and Saddlesore Pin from the IBA eStore.

 No additional charge for a passenger certificate.

No logs or copies of receipts, and other forms to be submitted to the IBA by you. We do the paperwork, you do the ride.

Pre-Registration is required to give the IBA adequate lead time to print the certificates. I need to receive your application by June 26th.  Please contact me by email , otherwise. 

Application & Release Form  Please write your departure location on the form.

It should go without saying , if you become fatigued at any time during this ride, you should stop and get some sleep.   Sometimes even a 1 hour nap may make a big difference; don't take any chances with your life !!    See the article below about  Fatigue and Motorcycle Touring by a medical doctor & LD Rider.


Turn by Turn Directions for the Ride (.PDF )

Possible Schedule for the Ride ( .PDF )

GPX File for the Ride ( .gpx )

Garmin POI File for the Ride ( .gpi )

Comma Delimited File for the Ride ( .csv )

Archive of Wisdom : 26 Tips and Techniques from IBR Veterans

Fatigue and Motorcycle Touring  by Don Arthur, MD

LD Riding in Hot Weather & Hydration  by Tom Austin