IBA Pre-Approved  Great Lakes 100  ( 80 hour version )

An IBA Pre-Approved Ride.  We do the paperwork, and you concentrate on the ride.  All makes of bikes, trikes, and passsengers are welcome.

Ride starts just south of Grand Rapids on Thursday  July 26th at 8:00 am.

2,640 Miles

Note :  The Great Lakes 100 was previously named the Great Lakes Challenge.

We will stay off the New York Thruway and avoid Deer Alley and the Buffalo traffic.  Our route will not be the shortest route around the 5 Great Lakes, but should be a more enjoyable ride - 2,640 miles vs. 2,450 miles.

I have the ride planned to start & end just south of Grand Rapids, MI and just west of US-131 Exit 75, at the 76th Street Auto Truck Plaza.  If you live somewhere closer to the route than Grand Rapids, you may be able to start & end the ride closer to your home.  Contact me and I will work with you about doing that, if you wish.

This ride has no required minimum miles.  The main requirements is that the route must circle all 5 Great Lakes, start and stop at the same loction and is done in less than 100 hours.  For instance, a Rider could start & end the ride at the first scheduled stop on Day 1 at the Pilot near I-69 and the Indiana Toll Road or somewhere else along the route.  That alternate route would be about 2,500 miles. 
Here is a link to the IBA Rules for the Great Lakes 100.

This is not a big group ride.  Ride with your group, or form small groups before the ride, or do the ride solo.   If possible, Meet and Greet at the 76th Auto Truck Plaza for dinner on Wednesday the day before the ride between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

There is a thread on the ADV Riders Forum for this ride :   ADV Link

The Plan :

End of Day1 will be in Watertown, NY.  End of Day 2 will be in Hearst, Ontario.  End of Day 3 will be in Tomah, WI.  The ride will begin at 8:00 am on Thursday and should end approximately at 4 pm ,  80 hours later on Day 4.  Since this ride is over 50 hours,  it counts as one of the five rides required for the IBA Mile Eater Gold certificate, other than SS1K's.   An IBA number is not a pre-requisite for doing this ride.   This ride is a good introduction to LD Riding and to earn your IBA number.  Here is a link to the IBA Rules for the Great Lakes 100.

NOTE :  Some Riders may want to take the north shore of Lake Superior instead of cutting inland at North Bay.  That is an option.  Here is a plan for Day 2 & Day 3 for Riders wanting to do that.  End Day 2 in Wawa instead of Hearst.  Then meet the balance of the Riders in Tomah, WI at the end of Day 3.   North Shore Day 2 Plan      North Shore Day 3 Plan

Day 3 :  All Riders can meet for dinner at Julies Restaurant in Superior, WI on US-2.

Day 4 :  All Riders can meet for lunch at the Sunrise Restaurant in Chesterton, IN , One mile off I-94 Exit 26A .

An I-Pass or EZ-Pass will be helpful on this ride.  It will save you time & money on the Ohio Turnpike and Illinois Tollway.  Tolls are only about half as much when using a transponder,  and you don't have to wait in line at the toll booth.  In Illinois with "Open Road Tolling", you don't even have to slow down.   I recommend the Illinois I-Pass.  The $10 deposit is refundable, there is no monthly service charge, and the minimum replenishment amount has been reduced to $20.   Anyone ( including Canadians ) can get an I-Pass, not just Illinois residents.    See :  I-Pass
For this ride, to travel into Canada and returning to the US, a passport, Enhanced driver's license or Nexus card is usually used.   But the "Two Document" option will work too ;  your Birth Certificate and Drivers License.  Read about the Two Document Option on this page.  A US Custom Agent supervisor I personally talked to also confirmed the Two Document Option will work getting back into the US.  And I have personally witnessed several US citizens return to the US by using the Two Document Option on several rides I have organized.

Be advised that if you have been convicted of a DUI or felony in the US , you will almost certainly not be allowed admittance into Canada, since the Canadian Customs agent does a computer check at the border.

Proof that your MC insurance is good in Canada is required, if asked to provide this documentation in Canada.   Obtain a "
Canada Non-Resident inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card" from your insurance company. It is not extra coverage; it does not cost anything to obtain this card.

Also check to determine if your medical insurance is good in Canada.

NOTE:  If you become tired on this ride, Do not take any chances with your life and limb !! 

If you become tired, then stop and get some rest.   Even a one hour snooze often can make a big difference.  You have plenty of time to complete this ride.

Please remember this because when tired, your judgment may be compromised !!


See the below article written by a medical doctor and LD Rider.

DAY 1 Turn-by-Turn Directions

DAY 2 Turn-by-Turn Directions

DAY 3 Turn-by-Turn Directions

DAY 4 Turn-by-Turn Directions

DAY 1  Plan

DAY 2  Plan

DAY 3  Plan

DAY 4  Plan

DAY 1 GPX File
DAY 1  Garmin POI File
DAY 1 CSV File

DAY 2 GPX File
DAY 2  Garmin POI File
DAY 2 CSV File

DAY 3 GPX File
DAY 3  Garmin POI File
DAY 3 CSV File

DAY 4 GPX File
DAY 4  Garmin POI File
DAY 4 CSV File

Fatigue and Motorcycle Touring  by Don Arthur, MD

Archive of Wisdom : 
26 Tips and Techniques from IBR Veterans

LD Riding in Hot Weather & Hydration  by Tom Austin

Application & Release

Any questions ?  Contact Jim VanDenBerghe at vandenbe@triton.net  or at 231-224-6970

Costs :

Certificate only,  $55 USD

Full Package : Certificate, Pin & Patch,  $67 USD

Passenger Certificate :  No cost

Extra Pin or Patch :  $8 USD

IBA License Plate Backer :  $5 USD

Postage to Canada :  $5 USD extra