Links to some CaP Articles and AUA Guidlines

Note:  Many of  the below, are .PDF documents.  To download, "right click" on each with your mouse and then "left click" on "Save Target As" .  Some of the files are large and it will take some time to completely download if you have a dial-up connection.

John Hopkins 7 Keys to Treating Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer Research Institute Website ( PCRI )
AUA Patient's Guide for Localized CaP 
AUA Clinician's Guide for Localized CaP 
U.S. Preventative Task Force Statement on Routine PSA Tests
11 Considerations before Biopsy
AUA White Paper on the Incidence, Prevention and Treatment of 
                                               Complications Related to Prostate Needle Biopsy
Prostate Institute of America ( Dr. Bahn's website with lots of good info.)
Fractionated Radio Therapy for Prostate Treatment ( Cyberknife & RapidArc )
5 Year Results for Stereotactic / Fractionated Radio Therapy (CyberKnife)
Setting up a CyberKnife Program, by Dr. Alan Katz  
              ( Good Patient Section on treatment for the various CaP localized risk categories )
HDR Brachytherapy and How CyberKnife can Deliver a Similar Conformal Dose
              ( Whitepaper by Accuray, manufacturer of CyberKinife machine )
CyberKnife , Is there a Dose Effect ? - 41 Case Matched Study comparing 35 Gy vs. 36.25 Gy Dose for 
Low & Intermediate Risk CaP
Is there an optimal management for localized CaP ? 
    ( This article from 2010 is a bit dated, but gives a general overview of the various treatments )
Active surveillance for prostate cancer: patient selection and management
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Prostate Cancer Care
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre ASURE PSA Calculator  ( used to manage active surveillance )
High Resolution Color-Doppler Ultrasound for Active Surveillance
Dr. Morgentaler :  Destroying the Myth about HRT and CaP
Dr. Morgentaler :  Testosterone Therapy and Prostate Cancer