IBA  Lake Huron  SS1K

Saturday August 15, 2020 -

CANCELLED due to border closure until at least Augiust 21st.


 I came up with another SS1K done all in the lower peninsula. 

See a map of the ride below the Lake Huron SS1K map.

In 2015 I organized a Lake Huron SS1K that started & ended in Imlay City.

I have had several requests to organize another in 2020.   This year the ride will start & end on the west side of Lansing at the Speedway station next to the Denny's on M-43 / Waverly Road just east of I-69.  BTW, there are 10 motels within a stone's throw of the Denny's.

As usual, per IBA rules, all makes and models of bikes can be ridden to do the ride, including Trikes, Spyders and Slingshots.

This is not a big group ride.   Riders are welcome to form their own small groups or do the ride solo. 

I am organizing this ride as a courtesy and for the camaraderie.  All participating Riders do their own ride and assume all risks for their ride, as with any other IBA certified ride.

There is a thread on the ADV Rider Forum for this ride.  See:   ADV Rider Forum


      1,015 miles around Lake Huron - CANCELLED

The route includes 100 miles on scenic "back roads"

so the Toronto and Barrie area can be bypassed.



To learn more about the IBA,  goto :  ironbutt.com

If the border is not back open, or even if it is back open,  I have another ride to chose from.  it's a ride done all in the lower peninsula and a run down the Indiana Toll Road.  Here is the map :

1,004 Miles

Here is a link to the ride requirements :  Required Lower Peninsula Receipts & Pics

There will be a Rider's meeting Friday at 6:30 pm at the Speedway station next to the Denny's on Saginaw Rd. ( M-43 ) just east of I-69 to answer any questions about the route and required receipts.

Be at the Speedway Saturday morning at 6:00 am to have your odometer reading reading recorded.  The ride will start @ 6:30 am at the Speedway station next to Denny's.

It is not mandatory, but advisable, for Riders to be at the Rider's meeting on Friday, especially if this ride will be your first IBA SS1K.  Friday is a good time to meet other Riders and form small groups, if you desire, etc.

 Riders will be supplied a list of all required mandatory ADTL ( Accurate Date, Time, and Location) Receipts and an envelope to place all receipts in. Your odometer reading will also be required to be recorded before and after the ride.

I will be collecting the Rider Information Form before the ride, up to the morning of the ride. However, I prefer that the form is mailed to me at least 1 week before the ride.  You may also hand in the completed form on Friday or the morning of the ride, if for some reason you are unable to mail the form to me one week in advance of the ride..

As a courtesy and free service to you, I will be submitting a Rider's information spreadsheet to the IBA to include all the data of those that successfully complete the ride. This will streamline the certification process for you. All you need to do is fill out the form and then do the Ride and hand in the required receipts after you complete the ride!   You do the ride, and I'll take care of the paperwork as a courtesy to you.

BTW, if you have been convicted of a felony or DUI you probably will not be allowed to enter Canada.  They check for that in the computer at the border crossing.  But according to a Canadian Border Service Officer I talked with, if you had a DUI conviction ( without any other crime associated with it ) and it's been at least 10 years since the conviction or DUI probation ended, you will be allowed to enter Canada.

To enter Canada and return to the U.S. you will need a passport, Enhanced Drivers license, Nexus Card, or birth certificate & driver's license.

Also, you should carry proof of insurance coverage in Canada ( obtain from your insurance company or agent ).  This is not a rider to your policy or extra coverage, only a card that your insurance company will provide to you.  It's called a " Canada Non-Resident inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card".

Link to : Rider Information Form

Complete and mail or email the completed form to:

Jim VanDenBerghe


6153 Division

Newaygo, MI   49337

After completing the ride, ASAP either send a PayPal payment, or if you don't have a PayPal account, you may mail a check or cashiers check ( in USD funds ) or USPS money order made out to the "Iron Butt Association" after you complete the ride.  Make a notation on your check or money order,  "August 15,  2020 Lake Huron SS1K"  and mail to :

Iron Butt Association, P.O. Box 9450, Naperville, IL 60567-9450

To use PayPal :  Go to PayPal.com, log in, then click on 'My PayPal', then click on 'Send and Request' and choose 'Send money to friends and family'.

Make a notation on your payment:  "August 15, 2020 Lake Huron SS1K" and send the required calculated payment to: paypal@ironbutt.com

There are 10 motels near the Denny's. Check them out on Google Maps .  Click on each to see more information.

There are only 7 required ADTL Receipts ( ADTL means a receipt that includes an accurate, date, time and location ). NOTE :  ADTL Receipts do not need to be for gas.   Any ADTL Receipt is acceptable.  You need the receipt to prove you were at that location at that time/date.

Write you odometer reading on each ADTL Receipt, and if you are using a GPS, also write your GPS trip meter reading on each ADTL receipt.

What exactly do you need to do to certify your ride ?

Collect ADTL Receipts in this order :

1. ) ADTL Receipt from the Shell or Petro-Canada station, HWY 401 Exit 278B ( King St. East ).

2.) ADTL Receipt from any business in Shelburne, ON.

3.)ADTL Receipt from any business in Stayner, ON.

4.) ADTL Receipt from the Shell station in Pointe Au Baril Station OR

      from the Esso station in Britt,  both on HWY 400 / 69.

5.)  ADTL Receipt  from any business in Blind River, ON.

6.)  ADTL Receipt  from Charlie's Marathon I-75 Exit 251 ( 4 Mile Rd. ).

7.)  ADTL Ending Receipt  from the Speedway station ( 24/7 ) next to Denny's.

Turn in all your MANDATORY receipts and have your ending odometer reading recorded at the Denny's.

GPX file for the Mandatory Receipts  ( .gpx )

Garmin POI file for the same  ( .gpi )

CSV file for the same  ( .csv )

PDF Turn by Turn Directions for the ride

One possible Plan for the Ride

Link to : Rider Information Form

Complete and mail or email the completed form to:

Jim VanDenBerghe


6153 Division

Newaygo, MI   49337



There is a thread on the ADV Rider Forum for this ride. 

See:   ADV Rider Forum

Very Good to Know Information :

IBA Archive of Wisdom   Highly recommended reading, especially for first time SS1K Riders

IBA SS1K General Information

Fatigue and Long Distant Motorcycle Riding , by Dr. Don Arthur, M.D. and LD Rider himself.  Hey, if you get tired, stop and get some sleep !!  Don't take a chance with your life !!  You will have time for a snooze on this ride if you do get tired. If a snooze doesn't help, then the smart thing to do IMO would be to terminate the ride.

And, in the above article,  Dr. Don says :  " You cannot overcome fatigue! You must learn to recognize it and take effective action REST! No ride is worth your life! "