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2019 IBA  All Yooperland II  SS1K

Saturday June 22, 2019

In 2017 the first All Yooperland SS1K was run. This was the first SS1K done entirely in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Rich Henrion, who is a Yooper himself and 6 other Riders finished the ride. One Rider had an electrical problem and did not finish. The Ride started & ended in Sault Ste. Marie and a Lake Superior SS1K was done by another group of Riders the same day.

Since then, I have had several of the Riders that did the Lake Superior SS1K and other Riders enquire if another All Yooperland SS1K ride is in the pipe.

So, Rich and I are planning to do another All Yooperland SS1K for 2019;  his second and my first.   Other Riders are welcome to join us.   All makes and models of bikes are welcome, including Trikes, Spyder's and Slingshots.

It will start & end in Iron Mountain and the route will be a little different from the 2017 Ride.  This is not a big group ride.   Rider's are welcome to form their own small groups or do the ride solo.   Everyone is also welcome to join Rich & I on the ride.

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All Yooperland SS1K


1,004 miles all in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan !!

There will be a dinner on Friday on the east side of Iron Mountain at the Holiday Kitchen, between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm ( CST local time ) with a Rider's meeting after dinner next door at the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites to answer any questions about the route and required receipts. After the meeting, Rich will lead a short ride to the the summit of Pine Mountain to see the Ski Jump and enjoy the view from the summit.

The ride will start the next morning @ 6:30 am  at the Holiday StationStore, across the street from the restaurant and motel.

It is not mandatory, but advisable, for Riders to be at the dinner and Rider's meeting on Friday, especially if this ride will be your first IBA SS1K.  Friday is a good time to meet other Riders and form small groups, if you desire, etc.

All Riders must be present Saturday morning for a 6:10 am pre-departure Rider's meeting and to have their odometer reading recorded before departure.   Riders will be supplied a list of all required mandatory ADTL ( Accurate Date, Time, and Location Receipts ) and locations where digital pictures are required to be taken and an envelope to place all receipts in. Your odometer reading will also be required to be recorded before and after the ride.

A blank digital memory card is required at the beginning of the ride for the required pics, and will be returned by mail to the owner a few days after the end of the ride.

I will be collecting the Rider Information Form before the ride, up to the morning of the ride. I prefer the form is mailed to me at least 1 week before the ride.  You may also hand in the completed form on Friday or the morning of the ride.

As a courtesy and free service to you,  I will be submitting a Rider's information spreadsheet to the IBA to include all the data of those that successfully completed the ride. This will streamline the certification process for you. All you need to do is fill out the form and then do the Ride !!  I'll take care of the paperwork, you do the ride.

Link to : Riders Information Form

After completing the ride, either send a PayPal payment, or if you don't have a PayPal account, you may send a check or cashiers check ( in USD funds ) or USPS money order to the IBA, ASAP, made out to the "Iron Butt Association" after you complete the ride.  Make a notation on your check or money order,  "2019 All Yooperland SS1K"  and mail to :

Iron Butt Association, P.O. Box 9450, Naperville, IL 60567-9450

To use PayPal :  Go to PayPal.com, log in, click 'My PayPal', then click 'Send and Request' and choose 'Send money to friends and family'. Send the calculated payment to: paypal@ironbutt.com

Rich Henrion has reserved a block of rooms at the Econo Lodge and there are several other motels near the Econo Lodge including: the Country Hearth Inn, Mountain Host Motor Inn, Days Inn, and Country Inn & Suites – check them out on Google Maps. Click on each to see more information.

Here are the required ADTL Receipts (7) and Pics (5) that are required ( in this order ). NOTE :  ADTL Receipts do not need to be for gas.   Any ADTL Receipt is acceptable.  You need the receipt to prove you were at that location at that time/date.

Write you odometer reading and also your GPS trip meter reading on each ADTL receipt, if you are using a GPS :

1. ) ADTL Receipt at either the Shell or Krist station near the junction of US-41 and M-35 on the north side of Menominee.

2.) Pic of the Superior Dome on the north side of Marquette on the Northern Michigan University campus with your bike also in the pic.

3.) Pic of the sign in front of the Gay Bar in Gay with your bike also in the pic.

4.) Pic of the sign at the terminus of US-41 a mile or so east of Copper Harbor with your bike also in the pic.

5.) Pic of the sign in the parking lot at the summit of Brockway Mountain Dr. off M-26 outside Copper Harbor with your bike also in the pic. NOTE: Don't depart the parking lot by taking the same road you rode up on. There is another road exiting the oppposite side of parking lot.

6.) Pic at the Jam Pot (on the left), across the road from the Monastery, just north of Eagle River ( not Eagle Harbor ) with your bike in the pic.

7.) ADTL corner Receipt in Ontonagon - from any store or gas station.

8.) ADTL corner Receipt in Bergland. There is a convenience store / gas station at the corner as you come into town.

9.) ADTL Receipt from the Newberry Holiday Stationstore in DOWNTOWN Newberry, north off highway M-28 , NOT from a business on M-28. This will insure you did over 1,000 miles on the ride.

10.) ADTL corner Receipt at the Soo Holiday Stationstore - I-75 Exit 394 ( last exit before the bridge to Canada ) - NOT from the Holiday on the business loop. This will insure you did over 1,000 miles on the ride.

11.) ADTL corner receipt in St. Ignace.

12). Ending ADTL Receipt from the starting Iron Mountain Holiday Stationstore and then have your odometer reading recorded and hand in all required mandatory receipts and memory card containing the required pics.  I will mail the memory card back to you a few days after the ride.

GPX file for the Mandatory Receipts & Pics  ( .gpx )

Garmin POI file for the same  ( .gpi )

CSV file for the same  ( .csv )

PDF Turn by Turn Directions for the ride

One possible Plan for the Ride

Link to : Riders Information Form


Very Good to Know Information :

IBA Archive of Wisdom   Highly recommended reading, especially for first time SS1K Riders

IBA SS1K General Information

Fatigue and Long Distant Motorcycle Riding   Hey, if you get tired, stop and get some sleep !!  Don't take a chance with your life !!  You will have time for a snooze on this ride if you do get tired. If a snooze doesn't help, then the smart thing to do IMO would be to terminate the ride.