2019 IBR SS1K

Start your ride the morning of Wednesday  June 26th.

Other options would be to do a Bun Burner Gold, Bun Burner Silver, or Bun Burner.


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Arrive in Greenville, South Carolina the day before the IBR ends. Then watch the Riders roll-in to end the IBR at the Marriott Hotel early the next morning.   The Rally ends at 10:00am Friday.  5:00am is a good time to start observing the IBR Riders rolling-in Friday morning, although some Riders will have already returned by then.  There is always a good group of observers to share this experience with.

Each Rider will determine a custom route for themselves, then have it pre-approved, and be given a list of required mandatory receipts that must be turned in at the end of their ride, to prove they did more than 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours. I will be present at the end of your ride to record your odometer reading and to collect your receipts.  I will be handling ALL the paperwork for you.  You do the ride, I'll take care of the paperwork - no need to send your receipts to the IBA, I'll collect and verify them.

Riders will have an opportunity to meet and greet during lunch at noon Thursday at Mutt's BBQ in Greer ( about 10 minutes from the Marriott ).         Mutt's BBQ is located at  N34.920604   W82.235843


IBA President Mike Kneebone will present SS1K Certificates to all successful Riders Friday morning  @ 10:00 am at the Marriott Hotel,  immediately after the end of the IBR.

Here is the plan :

1.)  Determine your custom route using a mapping program OR by using Google Maps.  Plan your ride to end at the Circle K , 5010 Pelham Rd. Greenville, S.C. at the I-85  Exit 54 .    N34.857656 W82.257280  just across I-85 from the Marriott Hotel.

2.) By June 12th, email me a GPX file for your route if using a mapping program or send me a link to your Google Map for your ride.

3.) I'll reply ASAP by giving you a list of mandatory receipts that will prove you will do over 1K miles on your ride - no need to collect and hand in all your receipts at the end of your ride.

5. ) In addition to sending me your GPX file or Google Map link, download and then complete ( using "Fill & Sign") the Rider's Information Form, Save the completed form, and email me the completed form.   If unable to use "Fill & Sign", then print out and complete the form by hand, scan or take a pic of the completed form and email the completed scanned form or pic of the completed form to me, or mail the completed form to me.  I must receive your info. by June 12th.

Rider's Information Form

NOTE : The number of Riders is limited to 25 because of time constraints due to the IBR.

6.)  At the start of your ride, get a starting receipt.  Take a pic of your starting receipt with your odometer in the same pic.  Do the same for receipts at all the mandatory receipt locations for your custom ride.  Write your odometer reading and GPS trip meter reading ( if using a GPS ) on all your mandatory receipts before taking the pic.

6.)  Get an ending receipt at the Circle K, then head across the street to the Best Western Hotel ( next to the Waffle House ) where I will record your ending odometer reading and collect your starting, ending and mandatory receipts.  I'll be outside or in the lobby area.

7.)  A payment of $40 USD will be collected at the end of your ride by personal check, or postal money order ( made out to "Iron Butt Association" ) or even cash.

Since all the IBA Certificates will need to be composed and printed before the ride starts, you must email your route and Rider Information Form by June 12th  or mail your Rider Information Form so I receive it by June 12th , so there is enough lead time to accomplish composing and printing your certificate.

Call ( up to 10:30 pm EST ) or email me if you have any questions, etc.

Jim VanDenBerghe

6153 Division St.

Newaygo, MI  49337


231-224-6970 - please leave a message if I'm not home and I'll get back to you ASAP.