Do a SS3K by circumnavigating all five Great Lakes.

Earn an IBA Great Lakes SS3K Certificate.

Tentative Departure date is 6:30 am Thursday, August 17, 2017.

If heavy rain is forecasted, the back-up starting date is August 24th.




There is a thread at the ADV Riders Forum for this ride

Total miles for this ride is approximately 3,024 miles.

Since the IBA categorizes A SS3K as an Extreme Ride , you must already

have an IBA number to attempt this ride.


Meet and Greet Wednesday at the Coldwater Garden Family Restaurant ( if possible ) between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.  Restaurant is located about 0.4 miles west of I-69 Exit 13 ( Coldwater exit ).


NOTE :  A "fall-back" ride would be a Great Lakes 100.  When you get to Duluth, you can take a shorter route back to Coldwater.  It would save about 6 hours and is about 350 miles shorter. 

And if you do the SS3K route, but it takes longer than 72 hours, you would also qualify for the Great Lakes 100 certificate.  See the Day 3 Option below and see the rules at the IBA website for the Great Lakes 100 ride.


Note : All the below times are Coldwater, MI local times.


Day 1 : Depart Coldwater, MI Speedway gas station ( east of I-69 ) at 6:30 am

End of riding day is at approximately midnight in Pembroke, Ontario after 988 miles

Turn by turn directions for Day 1

Day 1 Plan

Day 1   Garmin GPX  File ( .gpx )

Day 1   Garmin Points of Interest File  ( .gpi )

Day 1   Comma Delimited File   ( .csv )




Day 2 : Depart Pembroke at 6:30 am on Friday

End of riding day is at approximately 10:15 pm in Nipigon, Ontario after 748 miles on the two-lanes

Turn by turn directions for Day 2

Day 2 Plan

Day 2   Garmin GPX  File ( .gpx )

Day 2   Garmin Points of Interest File  ( .gpi )

Day 2   Comma Delimited File   ( .csv )




Day 3 : Depart Nipigon at 6:15 am on Saturday

End of SS3K  is at approximately 4:30 am Sunday in Coldwater after 1,288 miles

Turn by turn directions for Day 3

Day 3 Plan

Day 3   Garmin GPX  File ( .gpx )

Day 3   Garmin Points of Interest File  ( .gpi )

Day 3   Comma Delimited File   ( .csv )


Day 3 GRT LKS 100 Option Turn by Turn Directions

Day 3 Plan for the Great Lakes 100 certificate

Day 3 GRT LKS 100 Option GPX file  (.gpx )

Day 3 GRT LKS 100 Option Garmin POI file  (.gpi )

Day 3 GRT LKS Option Comma Delimited file   ( .csv )



Note that any receipt that shows an accurate date, time and location are acceptable. Receipts do not need to be for gas.


Mandatory Receipts are the following :

Day 1 :

Starting Receipt at Coldwater
Ft. Wayne, IN   I-69 Exit 316 ( Dupont Rd )
Mansfield , OH   US-30 / Ashland Rd Exit
Willoughby, OH (Cleveland Area)  I-90 Exit 189
Binghamton, NY   I-86 Exit 71
Watertown, NY  I-81 Exit 85
Ottawa Area  -  Hwy 417 Exit 138
Pembroke, ON

Day 2 :

North Bay, ON
Hearst, ON
Nipigon, ON

Day 3 :

Thunder Bay, ON
 Flying J   I-35 Exit 144
Adair, IA  ( WEST of Des Moines ) I-80 Exit 76
I-94 Exit 30   Pilot @ Napier Rd. US-31 / I-94 junction
Marshall, MI  Shell station  -   just east of I-69 Exit 36
Ending Receipt in Coldwater, Speedway station - I-69 Exit 13


Have your Passport, Michigan Enhanced Driver's License, Nexus Card, or use the Two Document Option – a Drivers License and Birth Certificate for crossing into Canada.

(See : U.S. and Canadian Citizens—-Two Document Option )

From the Canada Border Services Agency

( CBSA ) webpage :

" If you are a citizen of the United States, you do not need a passport to enter Canada. However, you should carry proof of your citizenship, such as a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, as well as photo identification. "

And a US Border and Custom's Supervisor I talked to at the Grand Portage, MN entry point told me a U.S. Citizen will never be refused entry to the USA without a passport, passport card, Nexus card, or Enhanced Driver's license if that citizen can prove their citizenship with a birth certificate and Driver's license.


And , BTW, during the Lake Superior SS1K ride on June 24th , 2017 a father & son without passports used their drivers license and birth certificate to enter Canada at the Soo and return to the USA at Grand Portage, MN.

Also, you should carry proof of insurance coverage in Canada ( obtain from your insurance company or agent ). This is not a rider to your policy or extra coverage, only a card that your insurance company will provide to you. Referred to as a " Canada Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card".

Also check to find out if your medical coverage is good in Canada.

An I-Pass ( available from Illinois ) or EZ-Pass ( from various other states ) is almost a must for this ride. Illinois has "Open Road Tolling" and the toll booths are bypassed when using an I-Pass or EZ-Pass. You won't even have to slow down to go through a toll booth. This is a real time-saver. You will save money too, because with an I-Pass or EZ-Pass, toll rates are significantly reduced.

I recommend the I-Pass because there is no monthly service fee and the $10 deposit is refundable. And the I-Pass works anywhere an EZ-Pass works, also. It works basically everywhere east of the Mississippi, except in Georgia and Florida. And it can be registered to be used in all your vehicles. And the I-Pass minimum replenishment has recently been reduced from $40 to $20.

You don't have to be a resident of Illinois to obtain an I-Pass and Canadian's may also obtain an I-Pass.

Check out : Illinois I-Pass


It should go without saying , if you become fatigued at any time during this ride, you should stop and get some sleep.   Sometimes even a 1 hour nap may make a big difference; don't take any chances with your life !!    See the article below about  Fatigue and Motorcycle Touring by a medical doctor and LD Rider.

Application & Release Form

Contact Jim VanDenBerghe if you have any questions, etc.


Archive of Wisdom : 26 Tips and Techniques from IBR  Veterans

Fatigue and Motorcycle Touring  by Don Arthur, MD

LD Riding in Hot Weather & Hydration  by Tom Austin