Do a SS3K by circumnavigating all five Great Lakes.

Earn an IBA Great Lakes SS3K Certificate.

Tentative Departure date is 6:30 am Thursday, August 17, 2017.

If heavy rain is forecasted, the back-up starting date is August 24th.


Total miles for this ride is approximately 3,024 miles.

Since the IBA categorizes A SS3K as an Extreme Ride , you must already

have an IBA number to attempt this ride.


Meet and Greet Wednesday at the Coldwater Garden Family Restaurant ( if possible ) between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.  Restaurant is located about 0.4 miles west of I-69 Exit 13 ( Coldwater exit ).

Note : All the below times are Coldwater, MI local times.


Day 1 : Depart Coldwater, MI Speedway gas station ( east of I-69 ) at 6:30 am

End of riding day is at approximately midnight in Pembroke, Ontario after 988 miles

Turn by turn directions for Day 1

Day 1 Plan

Day 1   Garmin GPX  File ( .gpx )

Day 1   Garmin Points of Interest File  ( .gpi )

Day 1   Comma Delimited File   ( .csv )




Day 2 : Depart Pembroke at 6:30 am on Friday

End of riding day is at approximately 10:15 pm in Nipigon, Ontario after 748 miles on the two-lanes

Turn by turn directions for Day 2

Day 2 Plan

Day 2   Garmin GPX  File ( .gpx )

Day 2   Garmin Points of Interest File  ( .gpi )

Day 2   Comma Delimited File   ( .csv )




Day 3 : Depart Nipigon at 6:15 am on Saturday

End of SS3K  is at approximately 4:30 am Sunday in Coldwater after 1,288 miles

Turn by turn directions for Day 3

Day 3 Plan

Day 3   Garmin GPX  File ( .gpx )

Day 3   Garmin Points of Interest File  ( .gpi )

Day 3   Comma Delimited File   ( .csv )



Note that any receipt that shows an accurate date, time and location are acceptable. Receipts do not need to be for gas.


Mandatory Receipts are the following :

Day 1 :

Starting Receipt at Coldwater
Ft. Wayne, IN   I-69 Exit 316 ( Dupont Rd )
Mansfield , OH   US-30 / Ashland Rd Exit
Willoughby, OH (Cleveland Area)  I-90 Exit 189
Binghamton, NY   I-86 Exit 71
Watertown, NY  I-81 Exit 85
Ottawa Area  -  Hwy 417 Exit 138
Pembroke, ON

Day 2 :

North Bay, ON
Hearst, ON
Nipigon, ON

Day 3 :

Thunder Bay, ON
Ankeney, IA   I-35 Exit 92
Adair, IA  ( WEST of Des Moines ) I-80 Exit 76
I-94 Exit 30   Pilot @ Napier Rd. US-31 / I-94 junction
Marshall, MI  Shell station  -   just east of I-69 Exit 36
Ending Receipt in Coldwater, Speedway station - I-69 Exit 13


Have your Passport, Michigan Enhanced Driver's License, Nexus Card, or use the Two Document Option – a Drivers License and Birth Certificate for crossing into Canada.

(See : U.S. and Canadian Citizens—-Two Document Option )

From the Canada Border Services Agency

( CBSA ) webpage :

" If you are a citizen of the United States, you do not need a passport to enter Canada. However, you should carry proof of your citizenship, such as a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, as well as photo identification. "

And a US Border and Custom's Supervisor I talked to at the Grand Portage, MN entry point told me a U.S. Citizen will never be refused entry to the USA without a passport, passport card, Nexus card, or Enhanced Driver's license if that citizen can prove their citizenship with a birth certificate and Driver's license.

Also, you should carry proof of insurance coverage in Canada ( obtain from your insurance company or agent ). This is not a rider to your policy or extra coverage, only a card that your insurance company will provide to you. Referred to as a " Canada Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card".

Also check to find out if your medical coverage is good in Canada.

An I-Pass ( available from Illinois ) or EZ-Pass ( from various other states ) is almost a must for this ride. Illinois has "Open Road Tolling" and the toll booths are bypassed when using an I-Pass or EZ-Pass. You won't even have to slow down to go through a toll booth. This is a real time-saver. You will save money too, because with an I-Pass or EZ-Pass, toll rates are significantly reduced.

I recommend the I-Pass because there is no monthly service fee and the $10 deposit is refundable. And the I-Pass works anywhere an EZ-Pass works, also. It works basically everywhere east of the Mississippi, except in Georgia and Florida. And it can be registered to be used in all your vehicles. And the I-Pass minimum replenishment has recently been reduced from $40 to $20.

You don't have to be a resident of Illinois to obtain an I-Pass and Canadian's may also obtain an I-Pass.

Check out : Illinois I-Pass


It should go without saying , if you become fatigued at any time during this ride, you should stop and get some sleep.   Sometimes even a 1 hour nap may make a big difference; don't take any chances with your life !!    See the article below about  Fatigue and Motorcycle Touring by a medical doctor and LD Rider.

Application & Release Form

Contact Jim VanDenBerghe if you have any questions, etc.


Archive of Wisdom : 26 Tips and Techniques from IBR  Veterans

Fatigue and Motorcycle Touring  by Don Arthur, MD

LD Riding in Hot Weather & Hydration  by Tom Austin