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Nov. 2

John Anthony La Pietra

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Campaign News -- latest:

11/1 . . . John reposts his
    corrected version of the
    candidate list for Saginaw
    County -- and cautions voters
    to use the
proof ballots
    accessible from the county's
    home page rather than the
    Clerk's inaccurate and
    incomplete candidate list.
    (UPDATE 11/2:  The county
    home page has changed --
    linking to the still-inaccurate
    candidate list again.  So
    John re-posted a good list.

10/31 . . . in case his rivals
    haven't heard about it in the
    news, John e-mails them
letter renewing his call for
    all five of them to pay their
    fair shares of the fees for
    a joint statewide recount.

10/29 . . . the Saginaw County
    Clerk's Office is too short of
    staff to correct its online list
    of candidates on the ballot --
 John does it!

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John Anthony La Pietra for
 Fairer, Better Elections 

  J.D. cum laude from Cooley Law School; concentration in public law
  admitted to State Bar of Michigan in 2008
  10 years’ experience in local, county, & state government
  20 years in Calhoun County working for our community
  a lifetime of acting on my belief in government for the people

  and a commitment to fairer, better elections for all -- voters, candidates, parties, and independents

    Well, today's the day -- time to vote!  (If you haven't voted absentee already, that is.  I may have been born in the Chicago area, but I never subscribed to the old "Vote early and vote often" stereotype.)
    If you have questions about how voting works, or whether you can, this is one pretty good set of answers.  And here's a pretty good slate of candidates. (Announcement not sponsored by anybody's Pretty Good Grocery, though.)

    Want to cast a protest vote?  Just don't like any of the people on the ballot running for some office?  You can write someone in -- but unless that person filed the right paperwork by Friday, October 22, your write-in vote for them won't be counted.  So the question becomes:  "Are there any declared write-in candidates in your area?"  The poll-workers aren't supposed to tell you -- and there won't be a list on the wall next to the sample ballot . . . but there's a list here.  It even has contact information for some of the candidates, in case you want to try to find out what you might be protest-voting for. . . .
    John asked the county clerks (49 have responded as of Monday 11/1) and the Bureau of Elections for their lists of write-in candidates; he's built
a statewide list using the information he gets.  (If you know someone who's not on the list and should be, say so.)

John's first three four Position Discussion Papers are now on line!
Withdrawing Names from Election Petitions
Protecting Election Rights (with audits, recounts, challengers, etc.)

 Fairer, Better Elections -- for Voters
 Money and Politic(ian)s 

You can see more of John's positions at his "Questionnaires and Answers" page -- his responses to some candidate surveys.
    And now one of those responses is out on video!

On Sept. 3, John sent out an open letter to all Michigan voters -- in care of
lots of Michigan newspaper editors.  Let us know if you see it in your paper!

Here's the voting-conditions survey (PDF, 1 page)
mentioned in that open letter -- and half a dozen news releases besides.  (If you've heard about it anywhere in the news, please tell me!)
    And here's a status report on which counties have helped prepare for the survey by sending information on how many voters are registered in each precinct, and where the polling places are.

Here is a letter-size poster/sign you can print and put in a window.

And here's a PDF file of John's introductory flyer you can print, too.

I got a bunch of these bumper stickers from the Peace Resource Project:
"AUDIT THE VOTE" bumper sticker

If you want one, write (e-mail or snail mail) to tell me why -- and where to send it to you -- and if I have any left, I will!

        The Secretary of State is in charge of protecting our vital election rights –
which help us protect all our other rights.  We the voters of Michigan need a
Chief Elections Officer who believes in the non-partisan “purity of elections”
enshrined in our state Constitution, and takes seriously the duty to protect that
purity from the dirty tricks and selfish party politics of any group or individual.

        My parents raised me to play fair and care about others, and taught me to
live on what they called the “bohemian easy-payment plan”: 100% down and
nothing a month.  I’ll bring those values to this campaign, and across this state.
Please help.  I’ll take 100% of anyone’s vote but no more than $100 of anyone’s
money.  Still, if we work together, that’s enough to get fairer, better elections.

 Green Values Are Your Values! 

        Grassroots democracy is one of the Green Party’s Ten Key Values.  Greens believe all people deserve a say in the political, economic, and environmental decisions that affect their lives.  We make decisions based on consensus, Instant-Runoff Voting, and other ways to value many contributions of individual ideas and energy more than a few fat checks from a few fat cats.

        Greens in Michigan joined in a lawsuit that protected voter privacy from the “Big Two” parties.  Greens nationwide have worked to make sure all votes are counted, and all voters count.  We know that democracy demands citizenship:  government of the people must be by the people, or it won’t be for the people.

        Find out how many more of the Ten Key Values are your values – contact:

Green Party of Michigan
548 S Main; Ann Arbor, MI  48104  *  734-663-3555  *

Grassroots Democracy Social Justice
     Ecological Wisdom Non-Violence


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